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BOOMCo 2 in 1 Bandolier Storage Shield

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BOOMco is looking for the bold, the daring, and those ready to raise their game – those seeking the next generation of adrenaline-fuelled fun. If you're powered by the need to break loose and play on the edge, then you're halfway there.

Now all you need is the right blaster in your hands; so team up with your friends or go all out on your own – BOOMco is ready to help you revolutionise the way you blast free. You in?

BOOMco introduces another way to play with blasters with its signature darts, shields, and targets. With Smart Stick technology, you can see exactly where you nailed it as the tip of every plastic dart will stick like crazy to the Smart Stick shields and sticky targets only.

All blasters are air-powered (no batteries required!) and include a Smart Stick target and darts, available in a range of cool colours and patterns. Plus with the transforming shields, you can catch your opponent's darts, reload, and fire back!

The BOOMco 2-in-1 Bandolier is sure to keep you ahead of the game! Never be short on ammo with this over-the- shoulder Shield which stores up to 12 Smart Stick darts.

Each Bandolier comes with 2 dart storage compartments, 1 Smart Stick Shield and 12 Smart Stick Darts. Plus, the attachment lets you hold a small blaster and extra clip!

Box size: 33cms x 25cms x 6cms

Manufacturer's Age Recommendation: 6 years and over.
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