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Freaky Franky Game
Freaky Franky Game
Freaky Franky Game
Freaky Franky Game

Freaky Franky Game

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Stretch him, squeeze him and let the fun explode! This spooky-looking figure comes with a scary outfit and dial in his middle to evaluate kids strength skills. Pull his arms and use the dial to check your strength. The dial has different colours that will indicate you the strength that you're reaching when you pull: if it's showing blue, you're still not strong enough to make his head explode. If it shows yellow, you're close enough to make it explode, and if it shows red both his eyes and brain will pop out! Do the same with his screws: if you squeeze his screws hard enough you'll also make his eyes or even his brain pop out!!

Box Dimensions: 32 x 23 x 13 cms

Manufacturer's Age Recommendation: 5 years and over.
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