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Playlab ilearn Baby Animals Game

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ilearn Baby Animals gives you the choice of six different games to help your child learn more about animals and helps your young child learn which baby belongs to which mummy, and where they live.

Some of their homes may be more familiar than others to your child. 'Mummies and Babies'.

Your child chooses an animal card and then looks for the baby token that belongs with it;

'Where are you baby elephant?'

The baby tokens are placed face down on the table. Show your child the Elephant and ask 'where are you, baby elephant' and your child tries to find the right baby;

'Where do I live?' Using just one of the living environments: Farm, Meadow, Savanah, Polar Ice. Your child matches the babies to their Mum's and you can help them understand that different animals live in different places;

'Storytelling game' Have fun making up stories with your child, using the different animals and their environments to encourage discussion and imagination;

'Mummy-Baby lotto' (2 - 4 players)

Each child has one environment each - three Mummy cards - and they take it in turns to try and find the Babies to put into their cards.

First player to find put all the Babies with their Mum, wins the game.

You can also use the cards to help your child learn the names and sounds associated with the animals.

Box Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 5 cms

Manufacturer's Age Recommendation: 2-4 years 
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