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Superman Man of Steel Quick Shots Battle for Metropolis

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Metropolis is under attack, and it is up to Superman to save the day! Inspired by the movie, when General Zod is loaded into the top of the vehicle, the Superman logo changes to display Zod's, signifying the ship is under his control.

Kids can use their Quick Shots figures to head into battle and reclaim the ship by targeting the ship-destroying mechanisms. Hit the first target to rotate the ship and cause the panels to fall, revealing General Zod's army. Hit the second to launch General Zod out of the vehicle and return the Superman logo to its rightful place, saving the day!

1 Ship
1 Superman figure
1 General Zod figure

Figure Size: 8 cms/3 inches

Box size: 38 x 25 x 10 cms

Manufacturer's Age Recommendation: 4 years and over.

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